Jean-François Formela, M.D.

Jean-François Formela, M.D., co-founder and board member of Korro Bio, is a partner at Atlas Venture and focuses on new advances in biology and drug discovery technologies as well as novel therapeutics. In addition to his role at Korro, he is chairman of IFM Therapeutics and Triplet Therapeutics, and serves on the boards of Intellia Therapeutics, F-star, Ikena Oncology, Spero Therapeutics and Translate Bio.

Jean-François has been involved in the formation of companies such as Adnexus (acquired by BMS), Arteaus Therapeutics (acquired by Eli Lilly), deCODE, Exelixis, MorphoSys and NxStage (acquired by Fresenius Medical). He was also an investor in CoStim Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Novartis).

Jean-François joined Atlas Venture in 1993 to build the U.S. life sciences franchise. Prior to joining Atlas, Jean-François worked at Schering-Plough, where he was responsible for the marketing of Intron A, Schering-Plough’s alpha-interferon. He began his career as a medical doctor and practiced emergency medicine at Necker University Hospital in Paris.

Jean-François is a member of the MGH Research Advisory Council and a former trustee of the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art. He received his M.D. from Paris University School of Medicine and his MBA from Columbia University.