Rachel Meyers, Ph.D.

Rachel Meyers is an entrepreneurial scientist currently consulting within the biotech community. Most recently she served as the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Faze Medicines, a Third Rock Ventures-spawned biotech company focused on treating diseases of high unmet need through the perturbation of biomolecular condensates. Rachel has more than twenty-five years of drug discovery and development expertise as well as extensive experience in building R&D organizations. She has deep expertise in the development of RNA-based therapies having spent over 13 years at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, ultimately as the SVP of Research and RNAi Lead Development. She remains an active member of the Alnylam SAB. Prior to Alnylam, Rachel was a senior scientist at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. She also serves on several scientific advisory boards, including the National Advisory Board on Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the Department of Commerce. Rachel is listed as an inventor on many patents and patent applications, and has numerous peer-reviewed publications. She completed her postdoctoral training with Lew Cantley at Harvard Medical School in the field of signal transduction and received her PhD from Nobel laureate Phil Sharp at MIT, in the field of in vitro transcription. Rachel also enjoys participating in women-in-science panels and events, guest lecturing at Harvard, MIT and Brandeis, mentoring young scientists, contributing to DEI&B initiatives and playing a variety of sports, particularly racket sports. When Rachel isn’t engaged in one of the many things above, she is traipsing around the world with her husband and 2 kids.